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Grow Your Instagram Organically

With the new Instagram algorithm, it is making it even more difficult to have your followers see your post. This has been a concern for influencers, brands, and the average Instagram user. No, this does not mean you should buy your followers, it just means you have to take a more strategic approach in growing your Instagram following organically. Having a larger Instagram following can either mean more connections for your business or more views on your blog. Here are a few tips that we can give you that will make your Instagram stand out.

1. Create a theme for your photos

Which words would you use to describe your account? For our Instagram account, we always use a tint of pink in everything we post. Your profile is the first thing that someone looks at when clicking on your handle, so why not make a great first impression? There is a free app called UNUM that can help you create your theme. When you download the app, it will ask to login to your Instagram account and will already load the photos that you have previously posted. You can now upload photos to this app and can change the filter on your photo to best match your recent photos. You can either save the photo into your camera roll or post it to Instagram through the app.

2. Create engaging captions

Craft captions that will captivate your followers and prompt them to take an action. This increase engagement as well as traction on your posts. For instance, you take a cute coffee shop photo and you can caption it with “Caffeine all day every day! Where is your favorite coffee spot?”. The caption doesn’t necessarily have to end with a question, but you want to incorporate a call of action. A solid Instagram caption will also show your personality and provide further context on your brand. They come in all shapes and sizes, either short and sweet or an in-depth story! As long as your followers are engaging, you’re doing amazing! Another thing to keep in mind when wanting to create a caption that calls to action is to use words like “start”, “join”, and “discover”.

3. Feature things in your feed that are relevant and “trendy”

When it comes to creating content for your page, you should focus on posting photos that are new and exciting. No matter what city you live in, there is always something new to capture. You want to post pictures that are clear, vibrant, and aesthetically pleasing. Research new hot spots in your town and get creative with promoting it.. Not only will it look great on your feed, but it will also get people to comment on your post asking where you got that avocado toast! Another tip to make your photos pop is to use an app called VSCO. It’s a photo editing app that will enhance the mood and tone of your feed.

4. Use hashtags in your posts

Initially introduced on twitter, hashtags have gained popularity and traction as a way to gain more followers. There is the branded hashtag that is created with a company in mind for promotional purposes. For example, in our photos on Instagram, you will see that we use #hellohsc! There is also the community hashtag that is used generally all over the world. It’s important that the hashtag coincides with your post. For instance, if you are posting a brunch picture from NYC, you would be using #brunch, #omelete, #newyorkcity, #yummy, etc. Instagram just announced that you are now able to follow hashtags, which makes it even more important. By doing all of this it will help the post gain more recognition when people search the hashtag. Anything you think is creative, fun and relevant, post it! However, there is a catch. Do NOT use hashtags for every word- this will deter your followers from engaging.

5. Go through your explore page and find blogs that are similar to yours

Last but not least, there is the explore page! This is a great place to find inspiration for photography, captions, fashion, or even a new yummy restaurant in town! You will be able to find people with similar interests and lifestyle. Engaging with these accounts draw more engagement to your own. So by taking the time to like pictures or even leave comments will help you grow your following. From personal brands to corporate businesses, it’s becoming a priority for everyone to leverage the power of Instagram, but of course in an organic way.

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